How Much Do Americans Really Value the Economy?


New updates from Reid Wilson, The Hill’s campaign reporter, state that Americans do not prioritize economic gains as much as some people might think.

An Overview of Wilson’s Statements

During talks on “What’s America Thinking,” campaign reporter Reid Wilson stated that Americans are not primarily focused on the state of the U.S. economy:

“As things get good, people pay attention to the economy less.”

Wilson then went into details about other subject matters which are garnering greater attention:

“There are a lot more who think [that top issues for voters] are health care or education or immigration as Republicans have been talking about it.”

Wilson’s assertions are supported by political scientist Micheal Cornfield. Cornfield maintains that economic wins are “not registering” with American voters:

“Look at the economic numbers, the numbers that came out today. Lowest unemployment rate since 1969. Consumer confidence is through the roof. All of these numbers you would think would be a Republican fantasy, and yet, they’re not registering.”

On Friday, the Labor Department reported that American unemployment has reached a record low of 3.7%. However, according to a Gallup poll conducted in September, only 12% of Americans view the economy as “most important.” The poll also shows that 82% of Americans are more concerned with healthcare, immigration, and the government.

The Economy and Politics

Over the past few weeks, talks regarding the economy have increased. Many of these conversations pertain to Republicans and the upcoming midterm elections. Moreover, individuals across the nation seem to have different ideas about how much the current state of the economy will help GOP midterm candidates. Some commentators advised Republicans to focus on economic gains. However, others, like Wilson, have warned that economic growth is not enough to win over voters.

Many right-leaning Americans have lauded President Trump for the current state of the economy. Conversely, other individuals have expressed displeasure regarding certain occurrences in this country. Immigration reform and the possible confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh are prime examples.

Many progressives and other left-wingers have even stated that Trump is not fully responsible for economic gains. Left-leaning individuals frequently state that the economy began to recover under the presidency of Barack Obama.