Multiple UK Women Accusing Andrew Tate of Rape Serve Him Legal Papers


At this time, much of the world is familiar with the allegations of rape and human trafficking in continued form that Andrew Tate faces in Romania. Tate and others known to him spent months in lockup before Romania agreed to move them to house arrest.

The allegation of human trafficking in continued form stands as an upgraded version of the initial human trafficking allegation that Tate faced.

However, his legal problems are not mutually exclusive to Romania, by any means. Breaking news just revealed that four women in the United Kingdom formally served Tate legal papers via their counsel.

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Legal action to come in England

The four UK women maintain that Tate subjected them to rape and other forms of physical and sexual violence. He stands accused of strangling one woman to the point of unconsciousness and then continuing to have sex with her.

Another woman alleges to have a message in which Tate told her he “loved” raping her.

Representing these women is McCue Jury & Partners. On Wednesday, the legal firm shared images of a representative serving the aforementioned papers to Tate at his home in Romania.