NASA, SpaceX put astronauts in orbit, cutting costs, boosting innovation


By March 2018, SpaceX had contracts for 100 launch missions. The new era for NASA includes a reliance on commercial space companies for routine missions and saves NASA resources for internal and operational costs.

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Public-private investment pays off, says NASA

NASA’s innovation with private sector companies, especially SpaceX, impacts the financial viability of space travel in the future.

NASA CFO Jeff DeWit spoke to CNBC about how having more companies involved in the space station will “lower the cost and lower the risk” of doing business in outer space.

“The investments that we have made into SpaceX and the investment SpaceX has made in itself have really resulted in I think something that is going to be very beneficial, not just for human space exploration, but beneficial for the economy,” said Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator. “Commercial Crew is going to demonstrate cost savings if you compare it to the Space Shuttle. We’re very pleased with the level of investment that we’ve made and what we’re getting for that investment.”

Lower risks and lower costs in the space economy

With the NASA partnership that has evolved with the private sector, NASA expects to “lower costs and lower risks of doing business in outer space.”