Never Trump Republicans Could Start a Third Party


Excerpts from this letter support the notion that “the rationals” within the Republican Party must push back against “the radicals”; then, in another segment, the letter from Never Trumpers conveys disappointment that so many Republicans and conservatives are still supportive of Trump.

In recent months, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans have turned to Trump for assistance in taking back congressional majorities. This is another reason why Cheney’s ongoing critiques against Trump didn’t sit well with House GOP members.

The reality of starting a third party

From an objective standpoint, a third party comprised of Never Trumpers is unlikely to go anywhere or gain real traction.

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For starters, even Rep. Cheney herself openly opposed conservatives starting a new party. The Wyoming GOP congresswoman stated earlier this year that a third party would only give Democrats an advantage.

Secondly, a third party of anti-Trump conservatives would have no real basis to stand on. Aside from immensely small numbers, the entire premise of a hypothetical third party would simply center around its members not liking the 45th president.