Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Finally DITCH the MASKS says the CDC

Ditch the Mask by Sebastiaan Stam Unsplash
Ditch the Mask by Sebastiaan Stam Unsplash

After two years of the pandemic, the worst might just be over. Fully vaccinated Americans can ditch the masks, reduce the social distancing measures, and will soon start enjoying their post-Covid lives again. 

According to a press briefing Thursday, Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that fully vaccinated people could stop wearing masks indoors and outdoors gatherings no matter the size. 

Additionally, according to the newly updated CDC’s website guidance, there is no need for social distancing among fully vaccinated individuals. The gradual “unmasking” of fully vaccinated people had started in March. The CDC first allowed indoors gathering without masks for fully vaccinated people. But finally gave green light to “unmask” outside on Thursday. 

Fully vaccinated Americans waited Too Long to Ditch the Masks

It took the fully vaccinated people at least two weeks for the vaccine shot to take effect. Their patience was finally rewarded with dropping most in most places except for healthcare settings, homeless shelters, public transportation, and airports. Private companies and airlines may or may not enforce mask rules as they wish.