Never Trump Republicans Could Start a Third Party


It’s no secret that Republicans who dislike Trump are not pleased with the current direction of the GOP. Never Trumpers have rallied behind GOP congresswoman Liz Cheney since House Republicans voted to withdraw her from leadership this week; Cheney’s removal came amid her continuous feud with former President Trump.

Similarly to Rep. Cheney, other Never Trumpers believe the 45th president has no place in the Republican Party. If Never Trumpers got their way, the GOP would excommunicate and banish Trump; however, this is not going to happen.

More Republicans and conservatives are in favor of the 45th president than against him. This infuriates Never Trumpers so much that they’re reportedly considering launching a third party.

The party of Never Trumpers?

Conservatives who take issue with the former president often cite his conduct and his response to the 2020 presidential election. In a letter, Never Trump Republicans indicated their willingness to branch off into a third party if the GOP doesn’t distance itself from the 45th president.