New Barrier Emerges Against Girls in Africa Going to School


For quite some time, many girls who don’t live in Western countries have struggled with access to education. Sometimes, barriers against their access can include a lack of transportation, familial expectations, cultural issues, and more.

No matter the underlying reason, when girls aren’t able to attend school, it places them at a disadvantage. A lack of education gives girls fewer options in life, especially when boys their age are going to school, learning, and preparing themselves for the world around them.

Currently, in Africa, reports confirm that girls across the continent are having to stop going to school, due to economic hardships.

The biggest barrier against educating girls in Africa

Over the past year and a half, the increase of energy and food expenses – coupled with COVID – has been putting a strain on female school attendance.

Therefore, African charity Camfed seeks to raise money to counteract these problems and get girls back into classrooms. Without educational opportunities, many girls in the continent resort to premature marriages or work with very low pay.