Officials Project Dementia Will Have Widespread Presence Across Great Britain


The mental well-being of individuals sometimes has a tendency to take a toll during their later years. In many cases, older people can be more isolated than others, more prone to sedentary lifestyles, and hence more likely to face mental health challenges.

Granted, there’s been some work at the societal level to counteract this. Many officials continue to stress the importance of older people going out and about, getting at least moderate levels of exercise in, and making sure they have a healthy support system around them.

Unfortunately, mental health problems are not going away. One case and point of this exists in Great Britain, where officials project that dementia will become a very real problem by the time 2040 arrives.

What to know about dementia projections across the pond

Public health journal Lancet recently put out research that projects a staggering 1.7 million people across Wales and England will suffer from dementia by 2040. As a result of this study, the healthcare and social services sectors in the United Kingdom are anticipated to face staggering burdens as well.