New evidence prompts arrest in 42-year-old Kansas cold case


“At 42 years and 10 months, we believe this is the oldest homicide arrest in the state of Kansas,” Bellendir said.

At the time of the original investigation, Hanks was considered a person of interest. In October, authorities said they discovered new evidence, though they declined to talk about the evidence.

Over the years, Hanks was arrested and convicted of other crimes. This includes criminal trespassing, battery, and attempted rape. He broke into a coworker’s home multiple times. And he also reportedly started “kissing her and fondling” the woman. 

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Pamela Walter Cooper is the 1980’s victim’s daughter. She was a young child when her mother was killed. Cooper says that she has long ago forgiven the suspect. And that those who would have been comforted by his arrest have already died.