New Poll Doesn’t Bode Well for COVID Mandates and Restrictions


Over the course of the past approximately 19 months, American citizens have faced a series of COVID mandates and restrictions. First, these edicts began with shelter-in-place orders and directives for businesses to shut down.

Eventually came the travel restrictions, mask mandates, social distancing, capacity limitations for businesses, and then vaccine mandates. There isn’t a single mandate that health officials haven’t been in favor of.

In fact, Democrat politicians and the medical community are completely backing these mandates. However, a new poll shows where the American public truly stands today, as it pertains to COVID.

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Bad news for supporters of COVID mandates

Individuals who are all for COVID mandates that restrict people’s freedoms and choices are not going to care for the latest poll by Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group.

This poll shows over 63% of Americans believe the pandemic is becoming less serious. Only 26.1% expressed the polar opposite viewpoint. Most Republican and Independent voters are of the view COVID isn’t as serious as it was before; however, only a minority of Democrat voters said the same.

There’s more, however. 47% of Americans stated they do not think the federal government and health officials have a vested interest in backing down from COVID mandates, even as the threat of the virus lessens.

Again, most Independent and Republican voters share this outlook; yet, 56.8% of Democrats believe the federal government and health officials do want to back down from COVID mandates as the virus’ threat reduces.

Rising dissent against COVID vaccine mandates

Many Americans are fed up with COVID vaccine mandates. People, right now, are losing their jobs and getting denied organ transplants by certain hospitals if they don’t have the vaccine.

Folks are deciding enough is enough and they’re fighting back. Some establishments like San Francisco’s In-N-Out are refusing to be the vaccine police. Meanwhile, certain employees are quitting their jobs, letting their bosses fire them, or suing to end the mandates.

Many people have taken to the streets in different parts of America to peacefully protest against COVID vaccine mandates. More protests are planned; likewise, other people are saying they will go on strike as a means of opposing their employers’ COVID vaccine mandates.