New Poll Reflects Challenges Faced by Gen Z


Mental health is a very pressing matter with longstanding societal ramifications. When people’s mental health suffers, they’re more predisposed to destructive behaviorial patterns which hurt themselves and others.

Recent years have seen heightened attention towards mental health and getting support to folks in need of it. However, many people continue to struggle, hence the ongoing debates about collective steps America can take to address the mental health crisis.

New polling on mental health is out and it leaves much to be desired. The latest findings reveal that Gen Z is a core demographic struggling with their mental wellbeing.

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The poll that everyone should be concerned about

In a joint survey conducted by both the Walton Family Foundation and Gallup, it’s come to light that less than 47% of Gen Zers expressed feeling as though they’re thriving. On the flip side, just 41% of folks in this generation stated they are doing well.

Struggles faced by Gen Z stand out as well. The poll revealed young people in this demographic remain more suspectible to feeling lonely, stressed out, and anxious.