New San Francisco DA fires 15 of Chesa Boudin’s soft-on-crime staffers 


 In a dramatic move, a week after being sworn in Brooke Jenkins fired 15 people that had been hired by her predecessor.

Jenkins is known as a more mainstream law-and-order-type prosecutor. She has suggested bringing back cash bail and restoring the chance to charge under-18 perpetrators as adults. And she wants to return to sentence enhancements for gang-related crimes.

The San Francisco Police Officers Association said Jenkins is “a qualified, competent, and compassionate prosecutor who will allow San Francisco to turn the page from the previous criminal defense attorney masquerading as the DA.”

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Jenkins in a New York Times interview claims that “No longer can we accept open-air drug markets as simply being a part of big-city life and life in San Francisco. We need to have accountability for those who choose to continuously sell extremely dangerous and deadly drugs like fentanyl.”

Mayor supports new DA

The mayor’s office is said to be providing transitional support to Jenkins. A statement from the mayor’s office claimed, “It’s important to note that the new district attorney is an experienced prosecutor, unlike previous occupants of the office, and has worked to try cases in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, including on hate crimes, sexual assault, and homicide.”