New York Times Lawsuit: OpenAI Defends Against Allegations of AI Copyright Infringement


 Negotiations between the two entities regarding a content licensing deal reportedly turned contentious, leading to the current legal battle.

OpenAI, in its response, challenges the merit of the lawsuit and addresses the core copyright concerns raised by The New York Times.

The AI developer contends that the training of AI models using publicly available content falls under fair use. The blog post emphasizes that the Times’ content didn’t significantly contribute to the training of their existing models and would not be impactful for future training.

This legal dispute is part of a broader trend where generative AI developers face legal challenges related to the use of copyrighted content and open-source code in training models.

Both OpenAI and Microsoft encountered legal action over the GitHub Copilot programming assistant. Another lawsuit filed last January accused Stability AI Ltd., DeviantArt Inc., and Midjourney Inc. of using copyrighted images in developing their AI models.

OpenAI counters NYT 

OpenAI also tackles the issue of ChatGPT displaying paywalled articles, asserting that this is a “rare bug” currently under active resolution.