2024’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is Here


Each January marks National Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

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During this time, communities turn their attention to raising awareness about this crime, informing about their ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking, and letting people know about available resources for seeking help or reporting suspected cases to the authorities.

Across the United States, there’s been a rise in local and state governments requiring training for specific industry workers with a greater likelihood of contact with traffickers or trafficking victims. This includes workers in the entertainment, transportation, and hospitality sectors.

January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. During this time, people are encouraged to wear blue to bring awareness to this issue.

Wear Blue Day

Across social media, agencies, officials, and civilians acknowledge January 11 as Wear Blue Day. With blue internationally recognized as the color of human trafficking awareness, donning this color is about not just raising awareness, but also showing solidarity with those who’ve personally suffered from human trafficking.