New York Times Lawsuit: OpenAI Defends Against Allegations of AI Copyright Infringement


The blog post accuses The New York Times of not presenting the full story, claiming that the displayed content is often from years-old articles proliferating on third-party websites.

OpenAI alleges that the Times intentionally manipulated prompts, including lengthy excerpts, to induce specific responses from the AI models.

The lawsuit also raises concerns about Microsoft’s Bing Chat service, which is based on the same GPT-4 model as ChatGPT.

OpenAI has not only defended itself against the claims but has also countered that the issues reported are not representative of typical behavior exhibited by their AI models.

The ever-evolving legal landscape is almost like a chess game. And the players are news writers, as well as newsmakers. It is expected that a series of courtroom battles featuring AI and copyright law will be on full display.

The outcome of this case may set precedents for future disputes, shaping the boundaries of fair use in training artificial intelligence models.