Newport News school shooting the mother of 6-year-old facing charges


The Newport News school shooting had perhaps the youngest shooter to date. And Deja Taylor the mother of the 6-year-old boy who shot a Virginia teacher at an elementary school is being charged. 

His mother faces felony child neglect and “leaving a loaded firearm to endanger a child,” a misdemeanor. A grand jury for the city of Newport News, Virginia, returned the two indictments, on April 10.

The shooting incident at Richneck Elementary involved a first grader who allegedly used his mother’s firearm to shoot his teacher.

On January 6th, Abby Zwerner, was shot in the hand and chest by a 6-year-old student.  Zwerner underwent four surgeries and spent nearly two weeks in the hospital. 

The severity of the incident prompted the Commonwealth’s Attorney to file charges against the child, although the investigation is still ongoing.

 The Commonwealth’s Attorney for Newport News, Howard Gwynn, announced that the charges have been filed. 

Lawsuit in Newport News school shooting 

A lawsuit was also filed by the injured teacher, Abby Zwerner. She is seeking $40 million in damages against the Newport News School Board, former Superintendent George Parker III, former Richneck principal Briana Foster-Newton, and former Richneck assistant principal Ebony Parker.