Nielsen To Pay $570k For Favoring Hispanics in Its Hiring


However, the OFCCP’s microscope into Nielsen’s operations didn’t just uncover biases. It also brought to light technical slip-ups such as failure to maintain employment records and missing analyses. Nielsen’s response? A promise to toe the federal line better.

The Broader Picture

Acting director of OFCCP, Michele Hodge, described the outcome as a resolution, emphasizing that Nielsen now has the apparatus to align with federal employment laws. While Nielsen remains tight-lipped, this incident is not an isolated raincloud. The OFCCP has been on a roll, unveiling similar settlements like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. Just recently, both a Raytheon subsidiary and Navient Corp faced their own reckonings, settling hefty amounts on allegations echoing Nielsen’s.

As the legal storm continues to rumble, corporations nationwide might be looking at their policies, wondering if they too are veering off the righteous path.