Nike Files a Federal Trademark Infringement Lawsuit over Lil Nas X “Satanic Shoes”

Lil Nas X with pair of Satanic Shoes by MSCHF
Lil Nas X with pair of Satanic Shoes by MSCHF

Nike filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit. The lawsuit is against a company promoting a “satanic pair of Nike sneakers” in collaboration with rapper, Lil Nas X. The sportswear company sued the controversial company for its “Satan Shoes” collection that holds the Nike logo on it.

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Lil Nas X released a controversial video which included Satanic content on his social media accounts. Additionally, he shared a picture of the satanic sneakers developed in collaboration with MSCHF. The company is popular for creating viral, non-mainstream products. The latest shoe contained a drop of real human blood inside the sole.

Lil Nas X Latest Video Coincided with “Satanic Shoes” Release

The pair of shoes was a modified version of Nike Air Max 97s that has a pentagram pendant and a reference to a Bible verse about Satan’s fall from heaven in Luke 10:18. MSCHF sold “666” pairs of the replica modified Nikes for 1,018 on Monday

Nike’s lawsuit followed news that Lil Nas X was involved with the pair of shoes. MSCHF denied however the American rapper’s involvement. The company argued in the lawsuit that Nike has total control over its brand “by setting the record straight” about what shoes can include its “swoosh” logo.