Nikki Haley Wins Republican Primary in Washington DC


As the GOP primary plays out, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has made it clear that she’s in this race to win.

Traveling across the country, Haley’s held town hall events, given interviews, and rallied with enthusiastic supporters. On social media, the 2024 Republican hopeful also regularly shares photos of homemade bracelets she’s been gifted from little girls who come to her rallies with their parents.

During this past week, Haley campaigned in Maine, Vermont, and Oregon. While in the Green Mountain State, she even secured an endorsement from Gov. Phil Scott.

So far, the former UN ambassador asserts she’ll stay in the race, so long as she’s a competitive candidate. Earlier this evening, Haley’s competitiveness increased as she took home the win in Washington DC’s Republican primary race.

What to know about Haley’s victory in the nation’s capital

In DC, the GOP hopeful won 1,274 votes, while Trump trailed with only 676. Just over an hour ago, news broke that Haley carried the district and will therefore hold all of its 19 delegates.