New Poll Could Hurt Biden’s Shot at a Second Term


As Joe Biden pursues another Oval Office term, he looks to be a shoo-in for the Democrat Party’s nomination. With 206 delegates under his belt so far, not a single one of the president’s in-party challengers has garnered more than zero delegates.

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Nonetheless, how Biden fares in the Democratic primary vs. the general election could greatly differ. The president is facing numerous polls that reveal his low approval ratings, along with public demand to see a report that calls his cognitive aptitude into question.

Like a series of falling dominos, the negative polls keep coming. The latest from Siena College and the New York Times suggests that even folks who voted for the current president back in 2020 lack confidence in him almost four years later.

The poll numbers speak for themselves

Days after the November election, Biden will turn 82 years old. As debates about his age – and the greater merits of age caps for presidential candidates – carry on, much of the president’s own base also has its concerns.