POLL: US Voters Largely Dislike Biden’s Handling of the Southern Border


The United States’ southern border has been in a state of disarray for years. Under the Biden administration, major upticks in illegal crossings are concerning the American people.

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Texas and other states appealed for the White House to come up with a comprehensive border strategy to prevent unlawful entry. Unfortunately, this has yet to happen, therefore prompting certain border states to begin transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

While many Democratic leaders decry these transfers, the problems that created a demand for them are still not going away. Now, a fresh poll from Harvard CAPS-Harris shows that few Americans approve of how Biden’s handling the southern border.

This doesn’t bode well for Biden’s reelection campaign

Today, 44% of the country believes the uptick in immigrants coming across America’s southern border constitute failure on the president’s end. Almost 50% of Independents hold this view; the same goes for nearly 60% of Republicans and close to 30% of Democrats.