Nikola founder Trevor Milton hit with sexual abuse complaints by two women


The victim was 15 and Milton was 22 when the alleged assault happened in 2004. As a sexual assault victim, her identity is being protected.

The woman was working as Milton’s assistant at St. George Security & Alarms. The office had a movie room where the alleged assault took place. A police official in St. George confirmed that a formal complaint involving a minor was filed.

The woman is now 32 and an attorney who claimed to have spent the last 16 years trying to forget the event.  

“He was in a position of power and he would give me a ride home from that job and this happened at the end of one of the days that I worked there and I was somewhat at his mercy because I couldn’t even go home until he was going to give me a ride home,” the woman explained.

Craig Johnson, a former Utah prosecutor is representing both women. 

A spokesman for Milton said he “strongly denies these false allegations.” The spokesman did not say whether Milton has been in touch with the Utah authorities or give any details of his account of the alleged incidents.