North Korean Hackers Embezzle $1.3 Billion Worth of Cryptocurrency

North Korean Hackers
North Korean Hackers

A U.S. court charged three North Korean hackers over cryptocurrency theft. The three computer engineers who formed the “Lazarus group” were accused of embezzling over $1.3 billion, with help from North Korean government officials.

According to the court documents, the three hackers Kim Il, Jon Chang Hyo, and Park Jin Hyok have allegedly been part of the Reconnaissance General Bureau — the North Korean military intelligence division.

The Lazarus group stormed victims’ computers with cyberattacks, phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks, and digital banks heists. Additionally, the hacker group was allegedly involved in money-laundering operations. Victims of the Lazarus group include Sony Pictures and large banks in the US. The hacks ran through a computer virus known as WannaCry Ransomware.

“Today’s unsealed indictment expands upon the 2018’s charges for the unprecedented cyberattacks conducted by the North Korean regime,” said the FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate

Furthermore, the Lazarus group developed sophisticated computer programmers that run infected cryptocurrency applications. The three hackers were able to develop a fraudulent blockchain platform.