Northern California Massive Carr Fire Kills Six People


During a press confernce on Sunday, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said they found the sixth victim after the fire engulfed the person’s home. He added that seven people are still reported missing in the county.

Trump declared state of emergency in California

On Saturday, President Donald Trump declared a state  of emergency in California due to the destructive wildfire. He authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help firefighters across the state.

On  Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state on emergency for the Carr Fire. The following day, he requested Trump and FEMA to provide federal aid for the communities affected by the blaze in Shasta County.

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In his letter, Brown said the state needs federal aid to save lives, protect property, public health and safety. According to him, “I am requesting Dirct Federal Assistance, including Department of Defense air assets to immediately mitigate the impacts of this fire…”

Aside from the Carr Fire, California firefighters are working to put out other wildfires across the state including the following:

  • Ferguson Fire in Mariposa County
  • Cranston Fire in Riverside County
  • Ribbon Fire in Riverside County
  • Ranchfire in Mendocino County
  • River Fire in Mendocino County
  • Pasqual Fire in San Diego County
  • Rocl Fire in San Diego County
  • Whaleback Fire in Lassen County
  • Roxie Fire in Lassen County
  • Crestline Fire in Shasta County
  • Corner Fire in Shasta County
  • Balch Fire in Tulare County