Gov. Cuomo Orders Strict Implementation of New York Insurance Laws to Preserve ACA

Gov. Cuomo on Healthcare/ACA

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the strict implementation of the state’s insurance laws to maintain affordable health care for New Yorkers.

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Cuomo’s action is in response to what he says the continuing efforts of the Trump administration to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). On Monday,  the governor noted that Republicans tried to repeal the health care law 60 times. He emphasized that “they don’t see the need for it.”

According to him, President Donald Trump is trying  everything in his power to dismantle ACA. Trump is doing it administratively and by cutting budgets for Medicaid, Medicare, safety net hospitals among others.

Cuomo said, “If he can’t do it administratively, he’ll have his Supreme Court nominee, [Brett] Kavanaugh do it. He pointed out that Kavanaugh already expressed that he is against ACA.

He added that if the Trump administration succeeds in ending ACA, “it would be catastrophic for New York” as millions lose their health insurance. It will also “jeopardize the health care industry” in the state. Cuomo noted that the health care industry accounts 20% of the state’s overall economy.

New York State started codifying ACA in its laws and regulations

Furthermore, the governor said his administration will “stop” the federal government  by codifying ACA in New York state laws and regulations.