Northshore Health Worker Genetic Lawsuit

Northshore Health Worker Genetic Lawsuit

In a recent turn of events, a legal challenge concerning the alleged misuse of genetic information by Northshore University Healthsystem has momentarily halted. Monica Ogen, a former patient sitter at Northwestern HealthSystem, decided to withdraw her class action lawsuit, which accused the healthcare provider of improperly collecting medical histories during hiring processes.

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Northshore Health Worker Genetic Lawsuit : The Allegations and Legal Journey

Monica Ogen’s lawsuit, filed in Cook County, Illinois, claimed that Northshore HealthSystem violated the Illinois Genetic Information Privacy Act (GIPA). Specifically, she alleged that the organization required prospective employees to submit to physical examinations that improperly gathered medical histories, utilizing these insights to influence hiring and job placements.

Northshore HealthSystem reportedly sought this information to mitigate risks associated with genetic conditions like hypertension, cancer, diabetes, or heart conditions, potentially affecting workplace safety. However, Ogen contended that such practices directly contravene GIPA’s mandates, which prohibit employers from requesting genetic details either directly or indirectly as a condition of employment.