Legal Battle Ignites Over Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Fatal Explosion

Legal Battle Ignites Over Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Fatal Explosion

Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Fatal Explosion suit : Tragedy Strikes at Chocolate Factory

In a harrowing event that has resonated across Pennsylvania, a fatal explosion at the R.M. Palmer chocolate factory has led to significant legal action. The estate of Amy Sandoe, tragically killed in this disaster, has filed a lawsuit in state court against multiple entities including the candy manufacturer, a gas company, and a gas line producer, blaming them for the catastrophic explosion.

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Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Fatal Explosion suit : The Defendants and Allegations

The lawsuit targets several key players: R.M. Palmer, the owner of the chocolate factory; UGI Corp., the gas company; and E.I. du Pont Nemours and Co., known as EIDP Inc., the manufacturer of the plastic gas lines alleged to have failed. The complaint accuses these entities of negligence leading to the explosion on March 24, 2023, which claimed seven lives.

Details of the Complaint

The complaint details a series of alleged failures that culminated in the tragedy. It claims that EIDP produced a defective plastic gas pipe and “service tee” that cracked and leaked. UGI Corp. is accused of failing to maintain, inspect, or replace the compromised pipeline, despite past warnings about the vulnerability of such equipment. Most alarmingly, it is alleged that R.M. Palmer ignored reports from employees who noticed the smell of gas prior to the explosion.

Legal Claims and Past Incidents

Sandoe’s estate, represented by Keith Sandoe, her husband, is asserting claims of negligence, intentional misrepresentation, strict liability, and wrongful death. This legal action marks at least the 10th lawsuit filed in relation to the explosion, with previous cases being consolidated for pretrial proceedings.