NSO Group Pegasus Spyware can hack any US phone


The NSO Group was sued in 2019 by Facebook/Meta over the repeated hacking of its WhatsApp users. The claims were that the spyware vendor’s malware hacked at least 1,400 different users. And while most of those hacked were from outside the US, several of the targeted phones were American.

International people around have complained that they are being infected with Pegasus spyware. And this includes members of the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

Jarmo Sareva, Finland’s Ambassador for Cyber Security, refused to disclose what data was harvested. And said that Finland’s protocols state that info transmitted by phone must be public or have the lowest level classification.

Reports continue that people working for the UN are having their phones cloned. And a regional director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) investigator was hacked. 

Lama Fakih, based in Lebanon as the overseer of the US-based group’s response for countries including Syria, Israel, Myanmar, and Ethiopia, was targeted five times last year, an HRW report said.