NY Lawmakers: “Make Tide Pods Look ‘Less Appetizing’ So People Don’t Eat Them”


Over the past few weeks, the infamous “Tide Pod Challenge” has made the rounds on social media. The foregoing challenge entails young people eating chemical laundry soap (Tide Pods) and filming their consumption. However, New York Democratic lawmakers have proposed a solution to this problem, according to ABC7NY.

Everything You Need to Know About the “Tide Pod Challenge”

Since the Tide Pod Challenge’s inception, many astounded Americans have wondered what would prompt people to consume laundry soap and then upload the footage onto the internet. However, Forbes has a backstory to explain the origins of the toxic challenge.

Apparently, at some point in December 2017, some online users began to joke about a 2015 piece published by the Onion in which the writer discussed “eating one of these multicolored detergent pods.” Twitter and Tumblr users joked about consuming the laundry soap and eventually, people took it seriously. Obviously, none of the Tide Pod challengers believed that undesirable aftereffects could occur after eating chemicals.

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