NYC restaurant owners to permanently BAN Gov. Andrew Cuomo from dining in their establishments


This far from the first time Cuomo has been in the crosshairs for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics have argued that New York’s stringent lockdowns and restrictions throughout 2020 have done more harm than good.

By-and-large New York City’s restaurants have been eviscerated by the pandemic which has left thousands of business owners with no choice but to close their doors forever.

To add insult to injury, Cuomo’s office has issued another round of dining restrictions, including banning outdoor diners from using restrooms inside establishments, limiting takeout orders to email and phone as well as prohibiting employees from eating inside restaurants in areas normally used by patrons.

Prior to the ban, Cuomo issued another ban on indoor dining altogether, causing a city-wide uproar.

The Governor reportedly referenced a chart when announcing the ban. The kicker? This exact chart shows restaurants only account for less than 2% of COVID-19’s spread throughout NYC.

As indoor dining continues to be verboten per the Governor’s office, restaurants across the city have sunk thousands of dollars into outdoor dining solutions for customers as revenues continue to trickle in.