Ocasio-Cortez Provides New Details about Her Student Loans


There’s no denying the reality that student loan debt is an issue in America. Countless young people go to college, borrow money from the government to do so, and then later struggle to pay it back. To make matters even worse for individuals in this situation, interest has a tendency to acculumate rapidly, thus putting persons with student loan debt even further into the hole.

On Tuesday, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out about student loans. The congresswoman provided information about her situation; she also stated that Congress has a responsibility to reform the roughly $1.5 trillion dollars which Americans owe in student loans.

AOC on Student Loan Debt in America

While no one denies the existence of student loan debt, there are some disagreements regarding appropriate management methods. There are certain individuals who believe that each person is responsible for paying their own loans. People of this mindset often note that willingly taking out student loans also means agreeing to pay them back.