Olivia Rodrigo Unveils Eagerly Anticipated Single ‘Vampire’

olivia rodrigo vampire

Emerging from the astounding success of her debut album ‘SOUR’, Olivia Rodrigo is ready to grip the music world yet again with her upcoming single, ‘Vampire’, set for release on June 30th.

The ‘drivers license’ sensation’s upcoming piece has sparked a frenzy of intrigue as she ushers in a new chapter in her flourishing career.

Olivia Rodrigo Vampire :  An Exciting New Chapter for Rodrigo

In the words of a recent press release, Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’ promises to be a testament to an artist’s confident evolution, wielding an aura of bold maturity. As the keyword Olivia Rodrigo Vampire begins to stir buzz across social media platforms, fans eagerly await this next stage in her musical journey.

Citing the second anniversary of her record-breaking album, ‘SOUR’, Rodrigo shared her excitement on Instagram, hinting that her second LP is nearing its completion. The Grammy winner, who has been diligently crafting “so many new songs”, continues to tease her followers with snippets of her studio sessions with producer Dan Nigro.

‘Vampire’ – A Nod to Rodrigo’s Twilight Fandom?

The Olivia Rodrigo Vampire connection, as fans like to call it, is not entirely surprising, considering her known admiration for the Twilight series. The cover art for the upcoming single intriguingly showcases Rodrigo with a purple band-aid on her neck, spurring amusing comments from Twilight actor Taylor Lautner and even the official Twilight account on Instagram.