Omarosa Fired From White House Administration Team


[Former] White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman was fired earlier today, reports The Hill.

Everything You Need to Know Regarding Omarosa’s Termination

Despite rumors of a resignation, General John Kelly fired Omarosa, reports American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan.

Ryan, a former ally of Omarosa’s remarked the following about the latter’s exit from the White House administration:

Omarosa did not resign. She was even escorted out of [t]he building and off campus. She was very upset and said she wanted to speak to the President. According to sources, Gen. Kelly said the President [knew] and he signed off.

Ryan also tweeted out the following information regarding Omarosa’s termination:

Various White House officials weighed in on Omarosa’s departure, according to The Daily Beast. Their feedback was disapproving and highly critical, to say the least:

It was more of a ‘you can’t fire me, I quit’ situation.

Omarosa is pulling a Gorka.

Her importance [in the White House] is 100% overrated. She was just a non-entity. [It] wasn’t even clear what she was working on.

She doesn’t have any friends in high places—except the one place it matters.

Overall Consensus from Omarosa’s [former] Colleagues

Based on further accounts from The Daily Beast, Omarosa did not appear to fare well in the White House. Members of the administration alleged that she regularly angered the President by informing him of petty gossip. Furthermore, Omarosa then complained about losing her means of approach to contact President Trump.

Colleagues also affirmed a gradual lack of awareness regarding her specific role in the White House. Outreach to minority communities was moreover unsuccessful under Omarosa, report unnamed White House officials.

How Have Americans Responded to the Firing of Omarosa?

Omarosa’s departure has prompted many Americans to question the professionalism of the White House administration. Furthermore, questions about whether or not the results of the Alabama Senate election played a role in Omarosa’s termination have surfaced. Countless theories regarding the reasoning behind Omarosa’s leave currently exist. This is more than apparent in the comments section of The Hill’s report:

Gotta wonder if this firing is because Trump is PO’d about losing a senate seat in AL?

I guess she was pretty bad at her out reach to blacks…Jones got 98% of the black vote….that’s more than Obama got[.]

I’d be more impressed if Kelly would fire the HARMFUL people in the White House. The “non-useful” people at least aren’t doing much damage.

Was this woman in any way qualified to hold any kind of White House position?

Finally, President Trump thanked Omarosa for her service and wished her well hours ago: