Open Southern Border Lands Biden in Hot Water


When former President Trump was in office, he quickly put in place commonsense immigration reform measures. The 45th president’s policies ensured that mass influxes of migrants did not trek to the Southern border.

As Americans are seeing right now, the exact opposite is true with Biden as president. In fact, Biden struck down immigration reforms from his predecessor; this ultimately created the present border crisis. Look no further than the drugs, gangs, unaccompanied minors, and more appearing at the border in droves.

Right now, America is essentially in a situation where we have an open border. According to new data, this isn’t doing President Biden any favors with the public.

What Americans really think about the open Southern border and more

Per a Washington Post/ABC News survey, 51% of voters in the nation do not approve of the presently open Southern border.

Specifically, more than half of nationwide voters stated that the president’s current handling of the situation is not a matter they look favorably upon. By contrast, only one-third of American voters told Washington Post/ABC News that they support Biden’s management of the Southern border.