OPINION: Harvey Weinstein’s December fashion accessory: the walker


In a recent court appearance, 67 year-old Harvey Weinstein was seen shuffling into court using a walker, complete with tennis balls on the back legs to make him look like an old pro at the game of physical disability. His back was hunched, his demeanor meek, and his expression absent of the confident smirk that characterized his pre-indictment gaze.

According to lawyers, he ditched the walker prior to entering the courtroom because he didn’t want to elicit sympathy. Good call, Harvey. They judges would have seen right through you. You’re not the first alleged rapist and serial sexual harasser to try to look weak and unimposing. The game is so old that judges simply don’t play anymore.

Yet, as your army of publicists, lawyers, and jury consultants undoubtedly know, you don’t need to please the judges. Your case will be fought in the court of public opinion. And so, shuffle along you will for the cameras outside the courthouse, in a desperate attempt to make America forget what a creep you are.

What if you hadn’t been ratted out, Harvey? Would you have had to run your Jeep into that tree? Would you be hunched over with alleged back pain or would you be using your imposing height and weight to lure ever-younger actresses onto your casting couch? Both  your scams reek of hubris and suffocating men’s cologne.

You must be aware, aren’t you, that Bill Cosby already played this same sympathy card? He appeared frail and weak, walking with a cane outside the courtroom … until that one day when he did a little jig for an adoring fan seeking birthday cheer. Fortunately, behind-the-scenes power brokers like you are unlikely to fall prey to public adoration.

Keep shuffling, Harvey. Best case scenario, that walker will land you in a segregated prison cell. Worst case, it will make you appear like the broken-legged gazelle to an institution filled with hungry lions. Either way, those of us who have encountered men like you in our lives will do everything in our power to remind the public that you’re not worthy of sympathy. You’re a charlatan and a predator and we know you’d ditch that walker in a heartbeat for a shot at Hollywood’s next starlet. Allegedly.