OPINION: We Must Preserve Our Freedoms as We Fight Coronavirus


As we all prepare for the fourth month of 2020, our nation remains collectively faced with the battle against coronavirus.

Make no mistake about it: taking on and defeating COVID-19 is absolutely imperative. However, just as we cannot destroy our economy in the process, we must also preserve our liberties and freedoms. Far too often, unsavory characters seize troubles and threats like coronavirus as opportunities to infringe upon individual rights and liberties.

Preserving Freedom in the Age of Coronavirus

Many Democrat (and a few Republican) governors and mayors across America have issued shelter-in-place orders, stay-at-home orders, and other forms of lockdowns. Of course, these restrictions are marketed as a means to stop coronavirus. However, at what point is the line crossed? Yes, we must defeat this virus, but we also can’t lose what makes us Americans in the first place.

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Halting the movements of individuals is inherently authoritarian; governments forcing people out of work and citing their jobs as “non-essential” is also authoritarian. Every job that pays bills is essential and the government claiming otherwise doesn’t change the reality.

Now, those in favor of these lockdowns will assert that they’re justified and for the greater good. What these proponents fail to realize is that greater good arguments have a historical connection to the justification of terrible actions. Hitler also believed that his actions constituted a “greater good.”

Pushback Against Coronavirus Restrictions

Already, many Americans are beginning to push back against restrictions in the wake of coronavirus. Those who question why fail to understand that there is only so long you can expect people to remain isolated and “socially distanced.”

Moreover, there is only so long the government can tell people they can’t work, yet still expect Americans to pay bills. Money doesn’t come from thin air; $1,200 stimulus checks from the government will only offset so much financial ruin.

Two things can be true at once: citing the need to preserve freedoms can happen while still recognizing the importance of defeating coronavirus. These two notions are not at odds with one another. When COVID-19 passes — and it will — we still need to be the United States of America. After this is all over, the freedoms, liberties, and individual rights that make us a nation must remain.

Those who willingly give up freedom for a false sense of security deserve neither.