OPINION: NYC’s Lax on Crime Laws Have Failed Women, Endangered Women’s Safety


While the left-wing mayor admittedly gave lip service about this violence being “unacceptable” and “despicable,” he has yet to follow up with real action. In New York City, individuals who commit violent crimes still get granted release ahead of their trial dates.

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This empowers them to further victimize women who are simply minding their own business.

Violent offenders don’t deserve bail

Over the years, Democrats have talked quite a bit about the supposed evils of cash bail laws and how they disenfranchise poor individuals. Imagine how much safer New York City would be if its leaders showed even a fraction of this concern about men punching women at random.

Violent offenders don’t deserve bail while awaiting trial. Furthermore, individuals with histories of assault – like Skiboky Stora – have no business getting cut loose.

New York City claims to stand for safety, fairness, and a bright future. Its leaders need to prove it by holding violent offenders responsible, denying them bail, and convicting them with lengthy sentences.