Biden, Trump Both Lagging With Independent Voters


Barring a major change at the eleventh hour, this year’s White House election will come down to Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. Both politicians have secured enough delegates to represent their parties in November and are therefore the defacto nominees.

This is the reality despite months of polls showing that many Americans preferred not to see another round of the 2020 presidential election. Trump and Biden each faced primary challengers; though in the end, none of the alternate contenders managed to make it across the finish line this time.

Going into the general election, Biden and Trump will have to secure crossover support, in addition to carrying the votes from their own bases. To this end, the president is trying to court Americans who supported former UN ambassador Nikki Haley over Trump in the GOP primary.

Though a new Gallup poll reveals Independent voters aren’t very happy with the defacto nominees of the Republican or Democratic Parties.

Here’s where Independent voters stand

Over the past several years, Independents have become an increasingly larger and more relevant voting bloc. In some states, winning an election without their support is virtually impossible. To secure the White House, the Independent vote is a must.