Biden, Trump Both Lagging With Independent Voters


Yet, new polling indicates Trump and Biden both have a lot of work to do in winning over this coalition. 42% of Independent voters believe neither candidate would do well during a second term.

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Of the Independents who share this view, 46% also expressed their willingness to back a third-party contender. This is something that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and groups like No Labels are hoping to capitalize on.

Controversy surrounding third parties

Last month, No Labels confirmed it would run a ticket, thus giving voters another candidate to support beyond Trump or Biden. The bipartisan, centrist group, in making this announcement, pointed to various data that shows malaise with both major political parties.

Yet, many in the Democrat Party aren’t pleased about this. The common argument is that third party contenders can’t win, but can siphon away enough votes to tip the election either in favor of Republicans or Democrats.

RFK Jr., in particular, remains under fire from Democrats who believe he will hurt Biden electorally and, by extension, hand Trump a second term.