OPINION: NYC’s Lax on Crime Laws Have Failed Women, Endangered Women’s Safety


Women are no longer safe in New York City. Last month, multiple women went viral on TikTok after reporting that a man punched them in the face while walking. Now, many people are asking if one man or multiple men bear responsibility for these attacks.

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Such violent assaults are taking place seemingly as random crimes of opportunity. In their videos recording these incidents, the women show visible scars on their faces and large knots on their foreheads.

Unfortunately, New York City has a longstanding crime problem that’s now spiraling even further out of control. In March, former NYC politician Skiboky Stora was arrested for punching at least one woman; yet, he’s got a history of assault and this still didn’t stop law enforcement from previously letting him walk.

As long as NYC treats violent crime with kid gloves, innocent women will keep suffering. Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams’ comments on these latest attacks against women show he’s still not understanding what’s at stake here.

Adams thinks the real issue is TikTok

In his X bio, the NYC mayor purports to “[deliver] a fairer, safer, and brighter future for Every New Yorker.” However, this doesn’t seem to include female residents. During an interview yesterday with Good Morning America, Adams cited “the corrosiveness of TikTok” as an accelerant of the attacks against women.