OPINION: OnlyFans is a Magnet For Predators and Human Traffickers


In today’s world, there are many online platforms emerging to help people make money. Some are legitimate freelancing platforms such as Upwork; then, there are others like OnlyFans.

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OnlyFans has been falsely branded as a platform that empowers women and helps them make easy, extra money.

In actuality, however, OnlyFans preys on women, especially financially insecure women, and perpetrates the false notion that women’s bodies are property to be sold for a price.

If this wasn’t bad enough, there have also been cases of sex trafficking, including sex trafficking of children, on OnlyFans. The best future for this platform would be nuking it in the same way that authorities did with Backpage a few years ago.

Seedy and Exploitative

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation rightfully warns the public that OnlyFans is indeed a problem.

Some of the most problematic aspects of OnlyFans include the following:

  • Videos of rape found on the platform
  • Female creators being harassed and stalked in real life by their “subscribers”
  • Female creators losing their jobs in real life after someone in their inner circle learns they’re on OnlyFans
  • False promises of a quick and easy buck

Now, supporters of OnlyFans will point to stories of female celebrities like Bella Thorne or Danielle Bregoli making millions on OnlyFans. Yet, for every one case such as this, there are at least several others of women making next to nothing on the platform.

Warnings of Human Trafficking From Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials, such as Deputy Joseph Scaramucci in San Antonio have warned that OnlyFans creates another income avenue for human traffickers. Unlike many defenders of OnlyFans, Scaramucci has spent more than ten years studying human trafficking.