OPINION: Rioting and Burning Down America is Indefensible on All Levels


After a few nights of riots, some Democrat leaders and even certain entertainers like Killer Mike and T.I. began urging people to stop burning cities down. Unfortunately, the mob didn’t listen. With each passing night, violence has escalated. Last night, footage surfaced online of a Texas mob beating a man nearly to death for attempting to defend his business from looters.

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At this point, the individuals who have egged on and justified the burning of America have blood on their hands. It is time to stop enabling this evil conduct. Just about everyone in this nation has acknowledged the wrongness of George Floyd’s murder.

However, the murder of Floyd does not entitle people to endanger other people’s lives and livelihood by torching cities and buildings; it does not entitle them to beat up folks on the streets and leave them for dead.