OPINION: Stop Shaming Americans Who Want to Return to Work


In many respects, it is safe to say that COVID-19 is shaping up to be just as divisive as politics, if not more so. Of course, while coronavirus itself is not political, the reactions to it certainly are. Likewise, the various ideas on how Americans should respond to COVID-19 also maintain deep political undertones.

Not everyone who wants to reopen America and get back to work is right-leaning; however, many people who harbor this position are. Likewise, not every leftist favors indefinite lockdowns; however, the idea that America should stay closed with no end in sight is certainly a popular ideology on the left-wing of America’s political spectrum.

Regardless of the politics associated with COVID-19 responses, it is time to stop shaming Americans who want to return to work. The shaming must come to an immediate halt. People who wish to remain home are free to do so; what they’re not free to do is demonize folks who seek to maintain their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods via working.

The Dignity of Work in America

Working and supporting oneself in America is both responsible and dignified. The American Dream asserts that people who work hard, make good choices, and conduct themselves admirably can succeed.