OPINION: Treatment of Tulsi Gabbard Makes Dems Hypocrites on Sexism Complaints


The Democrat Party has lost any and all basis to ever complain about sexism and the unfair treatment of female presidential contenders.

Time and time again, America has heard the left assert that women seeking office are not treated as fairly as their male counterparts; yet, the left themselves contributes to the same toxic culture which they claim to oppose.

Look no further than 2020 Democrat (and war veteran) Tulsi Gabbard.

A Review of the Left’s Mistreatment of Gabbard

Since the inception of Gabbard’s candidacy, the left has taken concerted efforts to ignore and blackball the Hawaii congresswoman.

One example occurred earlier this year; CNN purposefully excluded Gabbard from attending one of their presidential town halls. This exclusion came in spite of the network’s decision to invite candidates who were polling lower than Gabbard. The Hawaii congresswoman noted her attempts to reach out to CNN for their reasoning; thus far, the network has yet to answer.

Another instance of the left’s intentional ignorance of Gabbard occurred earlier this month. Following Elizabeth Warren’s exit from the race, former 2020 Democrat Kamala Harris stated that there are “no women currently in this race.” This is simply not accurate. Tulsi Gabbard is a woman and remains in the race.