OPINION: Wales is Worth a Visit For Travelers Going to the United Kingdom


When most Americans travel to the United Kingdom, places like England and Scotland are the most popular destinations. Whether they’re visiting London, Oxford, Edinburgh, or Glasglow, English and Scottish cities overwhelmingly capture the interest of tourists.

With attractions like Stonehenge and the Kelpies, it’s not hard to understand why travelers want to experience England and Scotland for themselves. Likewise, when many Americans are given information about Britain, they hear about either England or Scotland.

Nevertheless, there is much more to explore throughout the United Kingdom. Travelers who decide to venture beyond the most talked-about areas will get to explore wonderful places, gorgeous terrains, and delightful small shops.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked and underrated parts of Great Britain is none other than Wales.

What anyone traveling to the United Kingdom should know about Wales

Despite being substantially smaller than England and Scotland, Wales is full of fantastic cities and attractions you won’t want to miss. Localities like Cardiff, Mumbles, and Swansea have much to offer tourists.