Brits in Scotland Struggling to Afford Impending Rent Hikes


An untold number of people can unfortunately relate to the struggles of rising living costs. Over the last several years, prices have skyrocketed exponentially due to COVID-19, inflation, and the war Russia provoked in Ukraine.

In 2024, there’s no indication that anyone should expect fewer strains on their wallets. In fact, millions around the world are having to make serious adjustments. For some people, this means cutting back on expenses, bringing in more income, or both.

Across the pond in Britain, folks continue seeing their housing costs rise much faster than their earnings. Scotland residents, in particular, are staring down some very hard times, according to new reports.

What to know about the rent crisis in Scotland

Living Rent is a union focused on the rights of Scottish tenants. The organization has now begun raising red flags over what it deems as unaffordable, unfair spikes in monthly living costs.

According to Living Rent, residents of Edinburgh and Glasglow are spending more than 50% of their monthly earnings just on rent alone. Furthermore, while the Scottish Greens political party managed to get a 3% limit on rent increases approved during late 2022, this cap is set to expire on Sunday, March 31.