Brits in Scotland Struggling to Afford Impending Rent Hikes


Therefore, Living Rent maintains that Scottish tenants will soon be faced with major cost increases that ultimately force them out of their homes. According to the union, many Brits have already received notices of their rent spiking by 30% to 60%. Of course, families spending more than half of their monthly income on housing simply can’t afford these new hikes.

In the Scottish government, there are underway efforts to tweak regulations for rent adjudication, this being the process Brits can use to push back on rent increases. Ahead of the summer break, key measures – such as additional tenant rights and long-lasting controls on rent – will come up for debate.

On the other hand, landlord groups remain expected to push back against this. The initial 3% rent limit that emerged in late 2022 ultimately faced opposition from landlords, albeit to no avail.

In the meantime, Living Rent has committed to fighting for the rights of Scottish tenants. The union will also continue advocating for policies that keep rent costs from ballooning beyond what most Brits can afford.