POLL: Almost Nine in Ten Americans Think Biden is Too Old to Remain President


In recent years, more Americans have begun endorsing age limits for elected officials, especially those seeking the Oval Office. Currently, any presidential candidate needs to be at least 35 years old before they’re eligible to campaign for the White House; yet, no age caps exist.

Many people view this as problematic. Amid gaffes from both President Biden and former President Trump during their speeches and public remarks, Americans are citing these instances as reasons to put age limits on presidential contenders. Some have suggested caps starting anywhere from 60 to 75.

Last week, Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report about Biden’s handling of sensitive records. Though a recurring theme throughout Hur’s account was his assertion of the president suffering from poor memory, hence rendering him incapable of malicious acts involving classified documents.

This quickly went viral, with many Americans opining that Hur’s report about Biden’s memory makes him unfit to serve another term as president. Now, a new poll shows an overwhelming majority of the country perceives Biden as too old for the White House.

A troubling poll for Biden’s reelection aspirations

While the president and his allies make the case that a second Biden-Harris term is best for America, much of the electorate feels differently. A poll released by ABC News and Ipsos showed that 86% of US citizens agree Biden shouldn’t serve in the White House again due to his advanced age.