Parler former-CEO Sues Company for Alleged Theft of Legal Rights and Private Property


According to the former Parler CEO, other co-founders of the website did not respond well when he suggested stricter penalities against extremist groups on the platform. Matze additionally alleges that the executives participated in a “conspiracy” against him and is therefore seeking damages of punitive and compensatory nature.

Officials of the platform have not issued a public statement thus far since Matze’s lawsuit.

More on Matze’s firing

News of Matze’s firing arrived last month, around the period that Parler came back online. The former CEO, at the time, spoke to the media and stated that he no longer had a say in what happened with the social media platform. Shortly thereafter, rumors spread on social media that Matze’s vision of free speech wasn’t well-received by Parler executives.

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Conservative podcaster and Parler co-owner Dan Bongino then came out with a statement of his own. Bongino expressed that he and other Parler co-owners, not Matze, maintained the vision of the site being a free speech site. The conservative podcaster also told his audience that Matze’s version of events is not entirely accurate.