The Main Takeaways From Biden’s News Conference

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden revealed on Thursday that he will be running for a second term in the White House in 2024. In the first formal news conference, Biden said that he is expecting Vice President Kamala Harris to run as his mate. The 46th president of the United States wasn’t asked about the Covid-19 nor its impact on the economy. 

In the hour-long press conference, Pres. Biden also mentioned that his administration has doubled the vaccine goals to 200 million doses in the first 100 days and that the plan for the vaccination will be detailed on Friday. Although he didn’t file for a reelection yet, CBS reported: “That is my expectation,” Mr. Biden said. 

The proposal will address both physical and technological infrastructure, the president said, “so that we can compete and create significant numbers of really good-paying jobs.” Mr. Biden said “the future rests” on whether the U.S. has the best airports, ports, railroads, and roadways to facilitate business. 

border crisis is not seasonal, says Republicans

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader alongside House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy replied to Biden’s comments about migrants crossing the border in winter, saying that the crisis is not related to winter only and that it’s not seasonal.